Heritage Band of the Midwest Archives

Title: Heritage Band of the Midwest Digital Audio Archives: 40-Plus Years of Volunteer Dedication to International Wind Band Music


The Heritage Band of the Midwest (HBM), also know as the “Bunny Band,” is an all-volunteer ensemble of musicians that gather once a year during Easter week for three days to record an album of lesser-known wind band music with a traditional 19th century instrumentation. The story surrounding the ensemble is told through a cast of four: a wealthy philanthropist and euphonium musician who dedicated much of his life to preserving wind band music, a professor who focused his career on researching and arranging lesser-known wind music of Europe, the band itself, and the generations of musicians who volunteered their time and talents. The storyline has repeated itself each year since 1974 as the musicians gather for the annual recording event. The catalyst for this initiative was the “Heritage of the March” recordings initiated by Robert “Bob” Hoe Jr. in the 1970s. This article documents the 41-year history of the Heritage Band of the Midwest, presents the findings of a survey of current and past musicians of the ensemble, and introduces The College Music Society’s (CMS) archive of 44 HBM albums (1974 to 2015) as part of the CMS Symposium’s online Audio Performance Archive.

The HBM historical article and the the audio files are now officially published on The College Music Society's Symposium Online publication. For access please go to: Heritage Band of the Midwest

Feel free to share the link to this article and the 44 albums of the Heritage Band of the Midwest: https://doi.org/10.18177/sym.2017.57.apa.11231

David Brian Williams

Emeritus Professor of Music and Arts Technology

Illinois State University

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